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August 06, 2014

Crocheted Plarn Mat and Basket

crocheted plarn mat - bottom of crocheted cotton yarn basket

crochet, plarn, basket, yarn, plastic

*Using plarn and crochet cotton yarn, basket is worked in rounds and using single and double crochet.

Difficulty: Easy

Materials:   About 6 plastic bags:  grocery store, or other store plastic bags
Scissors (very sharp), crochet hooks: size I/9 (5.50MM) or J/10                                         (6.00MM
          I skein of cotton crochet yarn I used this.  

          1 Stitch marker

          Optional: plastic liner for inside of basket

Stitches Used:
Single crochet (sc)

Double crochet (dc)

Preparation:  Cut plastic bags into plarn. See my video tutorial  for explanantion:

  Cut off the bags’ bottom and handles

                          Cut into ½ inch to 1 inch wide strips


                              knot the plastic strips together

  All knotted and ready to crochet with

Be sure to check the video for further explanation!

Basket Pattern:
Round 1: Crochet 3 or 4 chains. Join with a slip stitch
Round 2: Single crochet in each chain.
Round 3:  *Single crochet in single crochet, then 2 single crochet in next chain, continue around. There is no joining b/c we will crochet in the round.
Continue pattern until circle is the width you want for your basket.

Round 1: Join yarn to plarn and sc  around the circle.
Round 2: Sc around the circle.
Round 3: Dc crochet in each sc around the circle.
***If you want to change colors you can do so. **
Round 4: Continue round 3 alternating 2 rows of dc with 2 rows of single crochet until your basket is the height you desire.

Until next time

~~ Keep the Peace~ ~