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October 01, 2014

Fall Crochet Pattern ~ Sunset Placemat and Coaster Set

To be completely honest, I am a summer person, I love the warmth, the sun and the long days. With that said we are upon the Fall season and I am not happy. The only aspect that I like are the yarn colors to celebrate this time of the year.  I choose orange, yellows, browns and rust colors for this crochet placemat and coaster set. Everywhere in my house you can find some sort of placemat. This lends itself to even an orange background, just switching the colors around.  The edgings make it a modern meets vintage crochet project.

I hope that you enjoy crocheting this placemat for your home. Pattern is below.

Until Next Time,


Fall Sunset Placemat & Coaster Set

Single crocheted cotton placemat and coaster set with ribbon yarn embellishment

Sizes Included in Pattern:

Gauge is not important. Rectangle shape for the placemat and square for the coaster
Difficulty Level:  Beginner / Intermediate
Materials Used:

·        (Main color) Lily’s Sugar n’Cream Cotton yarn: yellow (Sunshine)2.5 oz, (Second color) Peaches & Crème 2.5 oz.: (Edging) Earthy Orange and
·        Lion Brand Incredible Ribbon Yarn Autumn Leaves (as the flower and edging)
·        Hook Size (s):   H and I
·        Tapestry Needle  
·        Scissors
WPI = 10
Photographed placemat measures 16.5 inches across and 11.5 inches long
Rows = 11.5 inches
Edging = 1 inch
Stitches & Abbreviations Used:
·        Ch (Chain)
·        Sc (Single Crochet)
·        Dc (Double Crochet)
·        Ss (Slip Stitch)
·        St (Stitch)
·        F/O (Finish Off
Special Stitches:
Special stitch:  Twisted Edging –  video tutorial
1. Using the ribbon yarn and beginning 2 single stitches from the corner, ch 2 and sc in the first sc of the  first space, ch 3, *remove hook from last ch and insert hook under the next ch-3 of the previous row;  pick up the dropped chain of the ribbon yarn* .
2.   Ch 3 , repeat from *  to * around the entire placemat edge, ending with a ch 3 and sc in the last sc. Finish with a slip stitch.
* Specific method to change colors:  video tutorial
Using the first color, single crochet each stitch across to the next-to-the last stitch of the row.
Work the last single crochet to the point where only 2 loops are left on the hook. Drop the first yarn color and pick up the second color. Wrap the end of the second color around the hook. Draw the second yarn color through the 2 loops of the first yarn color that are on the hook,

Pattern Beginning:  Starting point (Single foundation crochet stitch,  see my Foundation single crochet stitch tutorial
Row 1:  Ch foundation single crochet for 51 chains.  (See note in pattern beginning) Ch 1 . Turn
Row 2:   Sc across row , ch 1, turn. Repeat for 20 rows
Row 3:  (Change colors) to single crochet band for 6 rows.
Row  4:  Change back to main color single for 7 more rows.
Edging for placemat:
1. Two hdc into corner of mat, then sc into space, * sc, hdc * , repeat around edging of mat.  At end ch 2 (or 3), join in top of first hdc with a sc stitch.
2.  See  Special stitch:  Twisted Edging
3.  Beginning at edge: sc 1, then * ch 6, skip 2 ribbon spaces join to mat with a sl stitch*.  Repeat from * to * around edge of mat.
4. Chain Edging: *Using same color as band of placemat) Beginning at edge of mat sc in corner, * ch 6, skip 2 ribbon spaces , sl st * ,  repeat from * to * around edging of coaster.
Flower:  Join ribbon yarn near top about row 5 by sc ribbon onto mat. Ch 10, join with sl st into first sc. Continue pattern to make 5 petals.
Coaster: Use H crochet hook -
1. Begin with Single foundation crochet stitch for 18 single stitches. Ch 1. Turn.
2.  Single crochet for 15 rows (See gauge notes)
3.  Edging is the same as for placemat.
Finishing Instructions/Assembly:. Weave in all loose yarns.  Blocking video placemats and coaster.

September 10, 2014

Crochet Home Decor Project

Gorgeous African print material plus black yarn = crocheted home decor

I have had this piece of gorgeous African fabric for quite awhile. (I also sew). Looking at it the other day I decided it would be a great crochet project. Planning a video tutorial to show you the outcome.

Until Next Time ~ Keep the Faith,


August 06, 2014

Crocheted Plarn Mat and Basket

crocheted plarn mat - bottom of crocheted cotton yarn basket

crochet, plarn, basket, yarn, plastic

*Using plarn and crochet cotton yarn, basket is worked in rounds and using single and double crochet.

Difficulty: Easy

Materials:   About 6 plastic bags:  grocery store, or other store plastic bags
Scissors (very sharp), crochet hooks: size I/9 (5.50MM) or J/10                                         (6.00MM
          I skein of cotton crochet yarn I used this.  

          1 Stitch marker

          Optional: plastic liner for inside of basket

Stitches Used:
Single crochet (sc)

Double crochet (dc)

Preparation:  Cut plastic bags into plarn. See my video tutorial  for explanantion:

  Cut off the bags’ bottom and handles

                          Cut into ½ inch to 1 inch wide strips


                              knot the plastic strips together

  All knotted and ready to crochet with

Be sure to check the video for further explanation!

Basket Pattern:
Round 1: Crochet 3 or 4 chains. Join with a slip stitch
Round 2: Single crochet in each chain.
Round 3:  *Single crochet in single crochet, then 2 single crochet in next chain, continue around. There is no joining b/c we will crochet in the round.
Continue pattern until circle is the width you want for your basket.

Round 1: Join yarn to plarn and sc  around the circle.
Round 2: Sc around the circle.
Round 3: Dc crochet in each sc around the circle.
***If you want to change colors you can do so. **
Round 4: Continue round 3 alternating 2 rows of dc with 2 rows of single crochet until your basket is the height you desire.

Until next time

~~ Keep the Peace~ ~