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August 21, 2013

Tutorial: Adding A Lining to Crocheted Handbags

This is  a first (let me remind you first written) crochet tutorial of how I add linings to my crocheted handbags. I believe it is simple enough but always welcome questions and comments.

Laying out for measuring:

                The materials pictured below  are old (well let's say well used). After my son starting walking I got back into my sewing. I have a hem gauge I use because it is flat and has every measurement marking (1/4 inch and 1/2 inch) that I use for cutting out my material. I use the marking pen (which washes away) or the tailor's chalk to make my markings. The scissors I use are (I believe the best) Gingher pinking shears. (Yes they are older than my 21 yr old son. Pinking shears because it keeps the cotton (and other materials edges neat and from unraveling (unless you want to sew extra seams) and I don't. I also use a yardstick.




Just in the picture above, you see my cutting board (plastic), a yard of Pellon interfacing (or your brand choice) and a yard of your choice of lining material. For this particular crocheted handbag I used the satin material instead of cotton. Both this material and cotton are great to use.   

I used my marking items (pen or chalk ) and make little markings all around the handbag. I use my yardstick to connect the dots. Then I use the pinking shears to cut out both materials. I need to say that the interfacing keeps the material from sliding around while you are cutting and sewing the material.

I use interfacing for most of my linings now to give it more body so I bought the medium weight interfacing. I laid the handbag on top of the  material and the material top of the interfacing. Then I made my markings of 2 sets: From the top,sides and bottom of the handbag mark 1/4" and then 1/2 inch on both sides and the bottom. The 1/4 inch will be an extra sew (safeguard if you will) while the 1/2 inch is the sew for the lining and to fit the bag.

Machine Settings:

Now to sew on the 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch markings on both
sides of course and the bottom.

I tuck the material right up to 1 inch below the material. There is minimal bulk. You can even press the material down with a low setting iron for a crisper edge. I generally don't have to.

    I then use the blind sewing stitch to attach the lining to the handbag.   This site gives a good blind stitch hand sewing tutorial.
Using the blind sewing stitch to attach the lining to the crocheted handbag

How the blind stitch looks just under the lining attached to the handbag

  I hand stitch the bottom seam to the bottom of the bag. Right in the seam. Makes it very nice to pull something from your handbag and not have the whole lining be pulled up and   out of  the bag as well.

Tip for sewing the lining to my crocheted shell stitch cotton handbag.

Crocheted shell-stitch handbag with wooden handles

Until the next time ~ Keep the Faith and Plenty of Yarn!


December 25, 2012

Crocheted Bucket Handbag

Hi All:

In my perfect world I would spend all day crocheting (well along with caring for my plants and reading from my Kindle) but other duties call. I began crocheting a new handbag design about a month and a half ago. Due to 2 finals, all of my crochet went into hibernation until a couple of week ago. Crocheting handbags are really interesting to me since there are so many crocheted handbag shapes to explore. Finding an unusual shape is always half the fun of crocheting. That was one of the reasons I learned crochet, I can add or subtract any detail to the crocheted project. So here is the beginnings of the bucket bag or purse. Can you guess why this shape is great? Yep you guessed it you can fit the kitchen sink in it, well at least a pile of dishes. Lots of room. If you are like me it has to have room for many things. This carries in addition to the "usual ladies items" my Kindle, small notebook, Ipod and a crocheted shrug (they fold up to nothing). I wanted 2 colors of the Autumn/Winter hues. On the left is a rust color and on the right a mixture of greens,gold,orange and beige. Wasn't sure how it would work but "Viola"..... the texture was perfect. I used a H crochet hook and when finished it is almost like a canvas material. Stiff yet flexible. This is where my crocheting so tightly comes in handy.  I could not have been happier!  I love handbags but they have got to stand the test of time and the many things I carry.

Discovered this "tweed-like" look of yarn and loved the way it does look like a tweed material when crocheted. The greens,browns,gold and a hint of burnt-orange specks leave room for various colors to add so I went with a burnt-orange yarn.  Had thought about a burgundy which I feel would have worked just as well.

Of course if need be this photo is showing the bucket bag packed with 4 skeins of yarn. (I forgot I always carry a crochet project to work on. (I even have the hooks and hardware down at the bottom of the bag.

 I set the bag to the side for about 2 weeks while I tried  choosing several wooden handles. They just didn't seem to fit this bag. Then while watching Knitting Daily I found my answer. They featured a segment Twisted Cord Handle Tutorial .   Great it worked except I needed to really add lots more yarn strands. This cord measured 31" from tip to tip. To give it a little more stiffness I sprayed the cord with the Aleene's Stiffen Quick spray. Still soft but stiffer. The challenge came with how to attach the cord to the loops I crocheted at the top. It took some working but got it just right. I looped each piece individually (yes time consuming) then sprayed with the Stiffen Quick. I had almost decided to use the metal holders but felt that distracted from the look I wanted. Last sprayed the entire bag with Scotch Guard.

Twisted rope bucket bag strap

Until next time Keep the Faith and Plenty of Yarn!


July 13, 2012

Crocheted shell and mesh stitch summer cotton yarn handbag
 I  would have to say that crocheting handbags is my favorite accessory to crochet but only because I am such a handbag person. You know the women who have 2 closets of FULL of shoes well that is me with handbags. My Mom said that even as a little girl I had to have a handbag with me. Be it clutch or travel case I LOVE handbags. So here is the story of my newest crocheted handbag. I work differently or should I say plan. I will find handles, love them and them design a handbag around the handles.
Inside lining of white satin material for shell/mesh crochet stitch summer handbag. Wooden purse handles.
 The handles are wooden (a more in price but with what I carry the weight of them is best). Very smooth and makes the clicking sound when they hit together. The trick with these handles is to make your edging just so to be able to fit around the handles. With this I crocheted the shell stitches about 6 rows that I then tucked and hand stitched around the handles and back to the inside. The inside lining is sewn under the fold over of the shell edging.

I really have fallen in love with the color turquoise and lime. For the body of the handbag I crocheted single Then  crochet stitches for the bottom half, then mixed shell stitches with mesh and double crochet stitches. I thought the turquoise said Summer quite well. Then added with the white and gold really made it stand out. I do have to admit that I would have crocheted the top just 2 inches wider. It is kind of a squeeze to get my hand inside until I get to the bottom. The one I just crocheted a week ago for one of my customers had a wider top half.

 The lining is satin. Had to remember my some time ago sewing skills in sewing the lining made with satin which is so worth it. The snap I used is medium size metal (going to try the magnetic snaps soon). I crocheted the snaps to taps so as not to pull on the material or crocheted and it works perfectly.
Cotton shell/mesh crocheted stitch summer handbag. Shell stitching accents the purse handles.

In about another week I should be finished a tapestry crochet bag. It is my first try with tapestry crochet so the design is taking a little more time than I thought it would be coming along well. Stay tuned for pictures. I have presently 4 projects going at once. Two will be crocheted tops which are a challenge but coming along.
Want a shell cotton handbag of your own but haven’t mastered the mighty hook? Contact me via Purple Butterfly Crochet Facebook fan page  on Face Book or drop  me  a line at and I’ll have one made for you within 7 business days. Of course if you have another color scheme in mind I would be more than happy to crochet that as well!

Until the next time Keep the Faith  and Plenty of Yarn,

~ Cheryl